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Who profits from war

Executive Summary

Also available as a separate PDF, it illustrates why the gas is not needed, and what energy measures Greenpeace recommends for Europe and the US – the focus is on reducing consumption, boosting efficiency and expanding renewable energy.


Reduce consumption, boost efficiency and expand renewable energy.

Demands for Europe Demands for US

US LNG flooding Europe

How Europe is becoming the main customer for US LNG exports, expanding LNG terminals and locking EU countries into long-term contracts.

Toxic snowball effect

These contracts profit the gas industry and its shareholders, while European and US consumers pay the bill. LNG exploitation also jeopardises EU climate targets and weights heavily on the Global South.

Outsourcing pollution

LNG comes from fracking, a polluting practice banned in several countries, who nevertheless continue to import LNG extracted with heavy healthy impacts on local communities living around the extraction sites.

It’s not over

The increase of LNG flooding Europe is backed by policy measures and the gas industry keeps lobbying advocating for additional lock-ins in the coming years.

Due diligence - holding them accountable

Companies must identify and prevent, bring to an end or mitigate the impact of their activities on human rights and the environment.