What we do?

The Energy Justice Investigations project identifies and targets “carbon bombs”, mega oil and gas projects that would individually result in massive CO2 emissions that will impact ongoing efforts to limit global temperatures with disastrous consequences for the planet.

To counter the scale of both the global energy crisis and the industry’s greed, we track and expose the companies behind these deals, their associated infrastructure, trade flows and industry players.

The Energy Justice Investigations projects brings together key Greenpeace offices and global partner organisations who through investigations, systematic mapping and tracking, expose how plans to reduce imports of gas and oil from Russia have led to a shift of fossil fuels flows, and to an increase of infrastructure moving us away from the phase out we were aiming for at COP26 in Glasgow.

How we do it

Expose dirty deals
Compile and give free access to data
Engage and support affected local communities


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Truth and lies at El Musel

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Who profits from war

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